PART 1 (Intro, Tale of Tape, Rounds 1 & 2)


By the Clash Analyst, Prince TuFFiE


Irish & Chin's World Clash 2000 - Oct 6th - Amazura, Queens, NYC



October 6th, 2000 came to pass and as expected, thousands of fans gathered outside Amazura in Queens, New York to witness the  biggest sound system clash of the year, the long anticipated WORLD CLASH 2000. Hosted by Irish & Chin Entertainment, WORLD CLASH 2000 promised to be bigger and better this year!! The usual entourage (Prince Tuffie, Cassette Face, and Crew) were in the house to secure the audio tapes for Music FrEaK Central.com, and just about every cassette freak in New York and the east coast was there as well.  

Now that  word of the clash has made its way to the four corners of the earth by word of mouth, tapes, and CDs (available at Music FrEaK Central.com among other places), and of course via the Internet, as a treat to my hardcore Jamworld sound clash fans I will now do my infamous Round By Round Review!!   As you know, tapes are excellent, but they can be misleading.  That is where the Round by Round Analysis is most useful - as it will complement what you've heard on the tapes to give you an idea of exactly what went on within the four walls of Amazura's Slaughter House.  If you haven't already obtained the tapes or CDs, this analysis will more than prepare you to speak about WORLD CLASH 2000 to anyone.  However, remember that this is mostly analytical and subjective in nature (from my point of view), so others may see certain aspects of it differently. I suggest obtaining and listening to the tapes/CDs for yourself. Besides, this is a history dance that any sound clash fanatic would want for their collection anyway.  As always the analysis will be brutal, so no disrespect to the promoter, the referee, or any of the sounds involved.  

A small note: Due to the amount of sounds that participated this year, in the interest of keeping this analysis concise, the analysis of the rounds will get shorter as the rounds progress.  Another note, for those who have heard the tapes or were there, please remember that this Analysis is also written for those who didn't make it to the clash at and cannot obtain the tapes or hear realaudio clips.  That means I'll have to state things you already know from  being at the clash or listening to the tapes.  

Finally, thanks to all the visitors for their patience.  I didn't want to just throw something up on the site so I took the time to properly prepare this.  of course with the other responsibilities of life this took some time!  Now... Are you ready for WORLD CLASH 2000 to be broken down consistently and definitively so that  it can be forever ultimately and consistently be broke?! Time has passed and you've been bombarded with pictures, heard the gossip and news reports, read the posts, heard the tapes.  Now find out what really went down!!!!    

TALE OF THE TAPE (from Pre-Clash Analysis)

(Skip Tale of Tape and take me straight to the Analysis)

MIGHTY CROWN - The Returning WORLD CLASH 99 Champions

Call it nostalgia, call it luck, call it whatever you want.. The fact still remains that Mighty Crown soundly defeated Killamanjaro with Ricky Trooper (by a show of forwards) last year to become the reigning WORLD CLASH Champions!!! But contrary Prince TuFFiE & Mighty Crownto what many might think, the road has not been easy for Sammy T, Simon, Koji, and Stiko, neither before nor after WORLD CLASH 1999.  Although the instant fame that came with winning WORLD CLASH 1999 has resulted in more visibility for the Japanese sound, many people still refuse to give them the respect that they feel they deserve, and to this day they are still seen by many as an outsider of the elite sound system clash clique - which includes the likes of: Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Killamanjaro, etc!  Many people say that they are rightfully excluded because between WORLD CLASH 1999 and now, they have failed to accumulate enough victories to win the loyalty and approval of hardcore sound clash fans.  This can be contrasted with the months leading into WORLD CLASH 1999, where although they played less dates, they had already secured two major victories: Irish & Chin's FOUNDATION WORLD WAR 2000 (5/99) in Boston, against Sir Coxsone and Downbeat; and WORLD WAR 2000 (5/99) against Bass Odyssey and Sir Coxsone in Washington DC.  They were not as well known at the time, but those who knew of them were aware of these victories, and appreciated their presence at WORLD CLASH 1999. Mighty Crown's track record leading into WORLD CLASH 2000 is a bit less impressive.  Their appearances immediately following WORLD CLASH 1999 were mainly for juggling dances, with dates like THANKSGIVING JUGGLING (WASH 11-25-99); Stone Love 27th Anniversary (FLA 11-27-99); and  Mighty Crown l/s Poison Dart l/s Chalice (FLA 11-28-99).  MIGHTY CROWNDuring this very pivitol time for them (having just won WORLD CLASH 1999), they were at a crossroads to decide whether they should buss as a juggling sound or remain in the clash fraternity. By accepting the dates aforementioned, they seemed to favor juggling at the time (at a time when many thought they should have came off of WORLD CLASH 1999 clashing everything in sight).  At this point their ratings began to fluctuate.  It didn't help that they missed a key clash: Bass Odyssey (vs Mighty Crown) (BKLYN 12-4-99) causing many to think they are running from Odyssey; and walked out when Little Rock flipped up on them at: Mighty Crown l/s Little Rock (NJ 11-26-99).  In early 2000 Mighty Crown was determined to gain the respect of hardcore sound clash fans, but with  their inconsistent performances: WHERE WILL THE TROPHY GO (CONNECTICUT 3-18-00 - loss to Rodigan); DEATH IN DI ARENA (QUEENS 4-21-00 - defeated Rodigan); and most recently CHAMPIONS IN ACTION CLASH (QUEENS 7-21-00 - loss to Freddy & Killamanjaro) it remains to be seen whether they have earned the respect they so long have sought for.  So what would a victory at WORLD CLASH 2000 mean to Mighty Crown?   It would mean that a victory two years in a row - like it or love it - would finally afford them bragging rights to be held in the same esteem as our traditional warhead sounds.

KILLAMANJARO - Returns with a Vengeance, and a New Legacy

Killamanjaro returns to WORLD CLASH this year  representing Jamaica with a look, feel, and  mission very much different from last year's appearance!! Probably the most noticeable change is the departure of Ricky Trooper, leaving Killamanjaro in the hands of Freddy and Hype to uphold.  Ricky Trooper left the highest mountain to form his own sound - Sound Troopers.  According to him, he had taken Killamanjaro as high and as far as he possibly could, and now it was time to create and nurture something of his own. Before he left Killamanjaro, Trooper toured the world saying that Killamanjaro was robbed at WORLD CLASH 1999, and vowed to avenge this at WORLD CLASH 2000.  When he left Jaro, his zest to annihilate Mighty Crown did not die, and at one time he *was* booked to attend WORLD CLASH 2000 as Sound Troopers (which would mean he would confront his former sound, Killamanjaro).  Posters were printed that included him in the lineup,  but somewhere along the road he dropped out amidst controversy.   So where did Trooper's departure leave Killamanjaro?  Well Freddy have had to pick up the highest mountain on his back and carry it back to the top.  This has been by no means an easy task for Trooper's former apprentice, but many seem to forget that while Trooper was playing Killamanjaro, it was Freddy who was mixing (and at some points, selecting) the dubs.  In fact, there were times when Killamanjaro had to play abroad, and it was Freddy (with the help of Hype) who had to hold the fort down in Jamaica, which included at some points clashing sounds without the help or guidance of Trooper.  So in essence, Freddy and Hype are not new to Jaro, and in fact should be credited along with Ricky Killamanjaro's Keith, & Freddy Trooper for some of Killamanjaro's  past accomplishments.  How has the Year 2000 clash season treated Killamanjaro since Freddy took the torch?  Quite well actually!! Killamanjaro has secured wins in just about every clash entered into this year, including: Killamanjaro vs Jah Creation (JA 4-29-00);  Killamanjaro vs Katarac (JA 6-3-00); Killamanjaro vs Pieces (JA 7-6-00); and Killamanjaro vs Fire Links vs Katarac (JA 7-31-00). At CHAMPIONS IN ACTION CLASH (QUEENS 7-21-00), Freddy and Hype put all controversies surrounding their rumored previous *loss* to Mighty Crown (in Atlanta) to rest when they soundly defeated the Far East Rulers in New York City!! This, more than any other clash, awakened the world to the fact that Freddy and Hype are a force to be reckoned with.  But even more importantly, this victory symbolized that Killamanjaro can, and will survive in the absence of Trooper.  After all, it survived selectors Ansil, Jeremy Lee, and a host of deejays and singers. So at this point it seems most fans have decided to stick with the highest mountain, and they are giving Freddy (now chief selector) a fair chance to prove himself.  In examining Freddy in action, one can see remnants of Trooper himself in his mannerisms, aggressiveness, and even some of the speech he uses.  Having said that, one can also appreciate the new style in which he plays Killamanjaro, relying on *other* foundation tunes besides the "beat out" Jaro anthems Trooper has relied on over and over again to pull him through the rough times!   Killamanjaro holds the distinguished honor of being the only sound to be invited to all three of Irish & Chin's WORLD CLASHES, but what would a victory at WORLD CLASH 2000 mean for Killamanjaro?  It would mean that Killamanjaro was properly avenged for last year's loss, and it would also mean that Freddy and Hype are indeed worthy of their inheritance as the new chief shottas pon Jaro!  

BASS ODYSSEY  - Will the "no-shows" Steal the Show This Year?

When it comes to controversy, no sound can compete with the Bad Bwoys from St. Anns!! There "no-show" at WORLD CLASH 1999 last year was the single most talked about drama of the event barring Mighty Crown's victory.  At the delight of Killamanjaro and Matterhorn fans, and to the disappointment of hardcore Bass Odyssey heads, WORLD CLASH 1999 came to past without the presence of the "one rack sound" - whose official explanation of their absence was accredited to visa problems.  Following the event, many said that if Bass Odyssey had been at WORLD CLASH 1999, the result would have been very different.  This year we will see how true that is, since every sound that attended WORLD CLASH 1999 will return to WORLD CLASH 2000.  Bass Odyssey with head honcho Squingy, DJ Mark, Skinny, Duane, Worm, and Pablo spent the first half of this year doing what they do best, clashing and killing sounds.  However, their wins were punctuated by some crucial losses - all of which were controversial in nature.  This repeated "hill and gully" ride has earned them many adjectives among both supporters and protagonists alike, with the most popular pair in conflict being: "under-rated" versus "inconsistent"! Allow their track record to explain:  At CLASH OF THE WARLORDS (FLA 11-25-99) Bass Odyssey came out of the clash in top form, defeating Poison Dart and Katarac! Then in December 1999,  Bass Odyssey  was presented with an opportunity to redeem themselves from their absence at WORLD CLASH 1999, but at  Bass Odyssey (vs Mighty Crown) (BKLYN 12-4-99) Mighty Crown was a no-show (which brought up the question: Is Mighty Crown running?).  At King Addies vs Bass Odyssey (WASH DC 2-19-00) Bass Odyssey lost what many thought was an "easy clash", putting their viability as a top-notch clash sound on trial, while giving King Addies a well needed boost in status! At the rematch: SETTLEMENT OF ARGUMENTS (QUEENS 5-5-00) Bass Odyssey disgraced King Addies on home soil, but when Odyssey returned to New York for GLOBAL CUP CLASH USA  (BKLYN 5-27-00), many say Little Rock took the glory - another controversy in itself! BASS ODYSSEYThen they went  to WORLD CLASH @ ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA 6-17-00) and Matterhorn got the best of them!  When they had a chance to defend the defeat at WAR 2000 (QUEENS 8-11-00), Matterhorn again took the trophy in a Dub-Fi-Dub sudden death - amidst controversy!  However at  DANCEHALL WARFARE (FLA 9-3-00) these losses were avenged when Matterhorn was eliminated early out and Bass Odyssey went on to defeat the likes of Fire Links for the victory.  Since this year, Bass Odyssey has defeated King Addies, Jah Creation, Stonewall, Matterhorn, Fire Links, Black Kat, Katarac, and Warlord to name a few.  Having said that, they have also lost to Matterhorn (twice), King Addies, and arguably Little Rock. Despite their losses however, Bass Odyssey still has one of (if not the most) impressive clash records of this year, considering the amount of sounds clashed, the difficulty of the clashes, and the amount of victories secured.  It has been said that when Bass Odyssey is in a clash where it really matters, they always seem to choke  when it boils down to the nitty gritty (not showing at WORLD CLASH 1999, losing in Antigua to Matterhorn, losing again to Matterhorn in War 2000).  This year they will represent Jamaica in WORLD CLASH 2000 and answer  this characterization for all their fans, and their foes.  But what would a victory at this year's WORLD CLASH mean for Bass Odyssey?  It would mean that once and for all they will be unanimously named (if only for a minute) the Number One clash sound in the world - a title they have often had to allow to Killamanjaro, and settle for #2 or #3.      

TONY MATTERHORN  - Will his Foundation Tunes get him Through?

Like him, love him, or hate him if you will, but you can't deny the fact the the Mentally Ill Tony Matterhorn is on top of the world right now.  Not only is he one of the most sought after juggling selectors in the world, but he's also one of the Tony Matterhorn w/ Prince TuFFiEhottest clash selectors as well.  To add to that, he is also one of the few (if not only) selectors in the business where a loss in a sound clash doesn't seem to affect him much (neither personally nor professionally). The Mentally "Aim To Kill" has long been a veteran of sound clashes (while playing on King Addies), but many were surprised at his return to the clash arena just over 2 years after him leaving King Addies to form the juggling sensation Matterhorn Movements!!! When King Addies could not be secured to represent the USA at last year's WORLD CLASH, a then "very young" (clash-wise) Matterhorn Movements with the Mental himself and apprentice Johnny Killa stepped to the plate to present America, and more specifically Brooklyn!! Representing New York for the second time this year at WORLD CLASH 2000, the cigarette toting (hence his name), Bounty Killa unleashing, Fully Loaded dunning Matterhorn seeks to go all the way this time, having dropped out of the Dub-Fi-Dub last year.  His parting words to fans at WORLD CLASH 1999: "... give me two more years to build my foundation tunes dub box!"  Well its been just about a year and it seems that Matterhorn has not only collected the foundation tunes he needs, but has also been quite successful at using them to dismantle some key rivals and secure some important victories.  When he wins, he seems to have one of those larger than life victories!  And when he loses, well.. its just dismissed until the next time he wins again... In fact, despite his losses, Matterhorn has boasted just about as impressive a resume' this year as anyTONY MATTERHORN selector or sound could hope to have (both juggling and clash-wise): At JUGGLING TO KILL (QUEENS 1-29-00, Matterhorn was "ambushed" by then parring partner Fire Links, and received a gratuitous whipping in front of his New York fans!! At BILTMORE REUNION (BKLYN 3-3-00) Bounty Killa addressed this beating for him, dissing Fire Links (this would later be made into a dub by Matterhorn).  Matterhorn then went abroad, doing the very successful MENTAL EUROPE TOUR 2000 (EUROPE April 8th-14th 2000) and came back just in time to give it to Adonai and Jah Creation at TRIPLE LOADED (JA 5-18-00).  Then at Matterhorn vs Fire Links (BERMUDA 6-10-00) he avenged his defeat to the Fireman, and at  WORLD CLASH @ ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA 6-17-00) defeated Bass Odyssey and a ton load of  sounds for the title.  He came back to New York and beat Fire Links soundly again at NO MORE LONG ARGUMENT (BKLYN 7-15-00). At WAR 2000 (QUEENS 8-11-00) he quieted his critics by stealing yet another major victory from Bass Odyssey, only to be knocked out first round at DANCEHALL WARFARE (FLA 9-3-00).  Another notable defeat came for him at the annual FULLY LOADED 2000 (JA 7-30-00) where he was outdone by Alaska and none other than Wyclef Jean from the Fugees, who unleashed on him the likes of Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson on dub!  A bit inconsistent, but still a force to be reckoned with, Matterhorn is hailed in the juggling fraternity, but is more likened to "the prodigal son"  in the clash arena.  So what would a victory at WORLD CLASH 2000 mean for the Mental one?  It would mean that he would have made history by becoming the first and only selector to unanimously be the dubbed best in both the juggling and clash arenas at the same point and time in history!

POW POW  - Europe (Germany) Gets their Fair Chance to Represent!

Probably the least popular of all the WORLD CLASH 2000 contenders, Pow Pow Movement from Cologne, Germany is by no means a push-over.  In fact, Pow Pow (along with Soundquake and Supersonic) have been holding down the German reggae scene for years.  Outside Germany, they are known mostly by music freaks POW POW MOVEMENTSwho  take their hobby to a world-wide level, embracing a global perspective of the music!  In deed www.MusicFrEaKCentral.com has been offering Pow Pow cassettes for over a year now.  To learn more about this European heavyweight, we turn to Uli - a Music FrEaK Central Correspondent from Germany.  Here is an excerpt of his article on German Sound Systems, soon to be released by JAMWORLD: "...  This sound [Pow Pow Movement] is the most professional operating in Germany for more than 8 years now. Crew members Ingo, Bukra, Devon and Mr. Brown are busy throughout the week. They have regular dances at club "Petit Prince" in Cologne every Friday and once in while they have guests like David Rodigan passing through. As often as possible they try to bring over other sounds to push the sound system culture to new extents. So far they played with Stone Love (Wee Pow & Rory) in 97, with Links and Johnny from Bodyguard in 98 during the World Cup, they played the London Carnival with several local sounds, they juggled with Saxon and most recently they brought over Tony Matterhorn (*flyer), the hypest selector in the world which was a big success down the line. Apart from that they played with Stone Love and David Rodigan at the Summer Jam 2000 in Cologne which is the biggest Reggae festival in Europe with more than 30.000 visitors on 3 days (every year).  If that is not enoPOW POW L/S RODIGANugh they started to put their name on the international map by crossing the ocean to hit Brooklyn, NY in late May 2000 where they were booked for a juggling dance with Afrique and Massive B at Jamroc and furthermore they appeared at Spragga Benz' Birthday Bash. They voice dubs as often as possible and it seems that after some hard years of work, Germany got it's first sound ready for the major league. What makes them so unique and special is their very own sense of identity. They don't follow any trends, they don't cut any dubs everyone else is using just to be hype, they just do what they feel they have to do.  And this is it…the Pow Pow Movement !!! For more info, check www.powpow.de..."  And there you have it, an exclusive run down of Pow Pow credentials by Uli, a top cassette freak in Germany.  So now that we have some knowledge of the German super power, what would Pow Pow gain from a victory at WORLD CLASH 2000?  A victory for them, simply put, would be a victory of the entire European dancehall fan base (outside of UK) who despite having an impressive amount of sound systems, have long been ignored from the sound system scene and reggae scene in general.

LITTLE ROCK  - The Flip-Up Kings from Jersey!

When you speak of Sound Clash in North America, you speak of places like New York (Brooklyn , Queens, Bronx, and L.I.); Washington DC;  and Florida (Lt Lauderdale and Tampa Bay).  You might hear an echo from Boston  or a shout from Atlanta or Connecticut, but very rarely do the venues of sound clash go beyond the boundaries of the three aforementioned traditional venues.  That was, until New Jersey stepped to the plate!! In the past two years, sounds like Bullet Proof and Snow White have fought to gain respect for New Jersey, both as a venue for LITTLE ROCK LOGOsound clash and a harbor for wicked sound systems. These are traits more  commonly given to places like Brooklyn, but Jersey's upcoming warheads are determined to change that!  Perhaps the most well-known of New Jersey's sound clash warriors is Little Rock! With an unseemingly limitless budget for big tunes and an eye for surprise attacks, this sound system has attempted to bum-rush their way into the sound clash fraternity, often through flipping up on unsuspecting victims in juggling venues, hence the phrase: "The Flip-Up Kings."  They have the tunes (as can be heard from their mixed tapes and CD releases, but many say they suffer from lack of originality and lack of a good MC (mic man).  Whichever the case, these guys have paid their dues, or at least have attempted to do so.  Lets look at the Rock's track record:  The year 1999 was a big year for Little Rock.  They immediately made headlines after FOUR THE HARD WAY (NY 9-17-99) when they flipped up on Earthruler, L.P., and Natural Vibes - turning what was to be a juggling dance into mayhem!  Then at MILLENNIUM GAL NIGHT (NJ 9-18-99), when booked to play alongside Supa Doo and King Addies in a juggling affair, they brought the war to King Addies, ending the dance in a controversial manner.  Again at  Mighty Crown l/s Little Rock (NJ 11-26-99) the Flip-Up Kings turned what was to be a juggling dance with WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs Mighty Crown into an all out war, forcing Mighty Crown to walk out of what Crown felt was a disrespectful situation. LITTLE ROCK In December of that year at  Bodyguard vs Little Rock (NJ 12-24-99), the Rock unleashed on Johnny and Bodyguard (without Links) and the world started to recognize.  In 2000 Little Rock has not been as active, but they did represent the USA at GLOBAL CUP CLASH USA  (BKLYN 5-27-00) where they went to the nitty gritty with Bass Odyssey.  At SLUE DEM (NJ 7-29-00) they battled it out with Panther (Black Kat) and Fire Links, and though they played well, reports are that the real war turned out to be between Links and Panther.  With a record like this, many people question Little Rock's presence at WORLD CLASH 2000, calling them among other things: undeserving.  Others liken  their presence at this year's WORLD CLASH to news of Matterhorn's presence last year - not to be praised, but not to be underestimated either!  In essence, the Rock still has a lot to prove before they are broadly accepted  into the warhead fraternity.  So what then would a victory at WORLD CLASH 2000 mean for the Flip-Up Kings?  Acceptance!!!  New Jersey on the map as a warhead state!  And bragging rights to a bonifide clash that was won not through a surprise flip-up, but rather on a straight up strength of their tunes!


True Clash-heads

When I arrived at Amazura with Cassette Face and dancehall fanatic Jamal, it was about 10:30am and the entire 144th Street city block was sealed off at both corners.  The line started at the corner of the block and it was already getting crowded. Parking was unavailable for blocks surrounding Amazura.  It seems the partrons took the flyer seriously and made sure to make their way to the event by 10 pm.  Security was for surety with a 2 point check system, one outside the door and one inside the club.  The presence of "babylons" were minimal as there was no need, Security had everything on lock down.  We got in early, but the line was moving quick so a small stint on the line wouldn't have hurt either.  Basically the patrons were well behaved and you could smell the excitement in the air.  Everyone was just glad to have made it this early!    

 By the time we got ourselves together and got inside, the venue was about 1/4 filled.  If you have never been to Amazura, just picture the largest indoor venue that you know (outside a baseball stadium), square as a box, with two refreshment bars lining the side, a huge stage in front, and  an extremely high ceiling.  On stage seemed to have a party of its own going on as there were so many people.  But then if you figure 6 sounds carrying an average of 3 selectors you already have 18 people that are "suppose" to be there, plus the cassette freaks (without which we get no audio), sound system personalities (such as Jazzy T from Renaissance - who is an avid sound clash fan), the sound system technical crew (who has to be there in case the sound goes awry), and the list goes on. The sound system on call for the event was the veteran Libra Love with Baby Q, Stereo Fish, and Crew.  There was only one coffin (containing 2 turntables and a mixer configured in the usual manner) set up this time around, which I found strange for the amount of sounds invited to war.  But then again I knew this would add to the excitement as the forced proximity of the selectors would ensure nuff taunting and teasing around the one set of turntables.   When I asked my friend Uli who flew  in all the way from Germany for the clash if the sound systems in Germany sounded anything like this, the expression on his face (when translated) read "HELL NO!!!"   Anyway the four corners of Amazura were lined with patrons while the middle was still empty.. but that middle was getting filled up by the minute!  Super Tone was doing the early juggling and I must say that they were on point as the crowd was feeling the vibes, giving nuff forwards for the boom tunes they were playing.

The clash started promptly at 12:00am (kudos to the promoter) at which time Amazura was about 3/4th of the way full.  Matterhorn was still outside the door making his way in. DJ Roy (appointed referee for the night) was summoned to the stage to start the rawtacon - at which point he welcomed all the patrons and began explaining the format for the night's events:

Round 1 (15 Minutes Each) Introductory Round

Round 2 (15 Minutes Each) One Sound Drop Out

Round 3 (15 Minutes Each) Two Sounds Drop Out

Round 4 (5 Minutes Each)

Dub Fi Dub (3 Sounds)

Before he began to assess the fan base inside the dance, he reassured the patrons that tonight they (and not him) will be the judge.  He reiterated this point consistently throughout the dance, because as you may know the referee in clash bit is getting some heat lately from hardcore sound clash fans who are accusing the referees of upsetting the delicate balance of the sound elimination process and especially in the Dub Fi Dub, causing clashes to have unexpected outcomes.  Case and point - WAR 2000 (Matterhorn vs Links vs Bass Odyssey vs Black Kat 8-11-00) where many felt poor handling led to some confusion that ultimately may have cost one sound the victory. Matterhorn himself mentions his "controversial" win in this clash.   Whether this is true or not is a different analysis all together, but tonight DJ Roy had his work cut out for him: he had to guide the process with minimal impact on the outcome, something which is not easy to do in any situation.  

In any event DJ Roy then began to see which fans were in the house.  As he introduced Killamanjaro as a contender for the cup, there was an average display of cheers.  He then went on to introduce Bass Odyssey, and for the first time for the night Amazura came alive with cheers.  Pow Pow was then introduced and as he asked all the German people to make some noise - needless to say they were not too much noise (not many Germans in the house tonight).  When Little Rock's name was called, and to everyone's surprise a whole crew in the center of the dance began cheering at the top of their lungs.. interesting... There were some light expressions of discontent though  - proving Little Rock had their work cut out.  Matterhorn's name was then called and as history has proven, nuff girls started to make noise.  A good amount of rude bwoys were cheering the mental too, proving that despite his controversial win at WAR 2000, he still "had friends in this town!"  The  first surprise of the night though came when  Mighty Crown was introduced - as they were met with some discontent even before their name was called.  Seems like the reigning champs also had to do some work.  Basically Killamanjaro, Bass Odyssey, and Matterhorn were represented the most (fan-wise).

DJ Roy then asked the patrons if the clash should start without  Matterhorn, to which the crowd said yes.  Every sound was asked to step up and introduce themselves while choosing a number that would determine their order to play.  Little Rock stepped up and  promised to REPRESENT.  Pow Pow's MC stepped up, stating he represented all of Europe.  This didn't seem to matter much to the patrons as gestures of discontent started early.  Welcome to New York Pow Pow!  Then it was Freddy from Killamanjaro who, amidst nuff forwards,  stated that the trophy is going back to Jamaica "No doubt about it!"  Next up was the "country bwoy in person" - Squingy outta Bass Odyssey - who was getting forwards before he even touched the mic. The Mighty Crown came in and turned a sticky situation around when Sammy T began to talk patois, stating "..nuting can't fret me inna dis bomboc**t...."  Amidst getting huge cheers, he went on to say that WORLD CLASH is his home, then went right into bigging up all the different caribbean islands in the house to get what we analysts like to call A 'cheap forward'.  All prices aside though, Crown was now representing the way they were suppose to.

Now that the introductions were over, the first sound was called to defend themselves...: Little Rock.  As the Rock prepared to step up, the sounds of cheers and airhorns began drowning Amazura.  Something was going on but only the people at the side of the stage knew.  It was none other than the Mental himself Tony Matterhorn, finally making his way into the stage.  As he was called to the mic for opening remarks, the crowd was in a frenzy. If there's one thing that Matterhorn knows how to do as a  seasoned girls' selector, its how to attract attention to himself.. and if this late entry didn't do it, then I don't know what could have done it better.. Makes you think.. hmmm... was this late entry planned? (they do that sometimes ya know...)  Matterhorn stepped to the mic with a seemingly irritated attitude, explaining to the crowd the "stress mi guh chu fi unu!"   After some minor comments that had the crowd going he released the mic to DJ Roy who must now call in Little Rock.  What a disadvantage for Little Rock, who must now come in after a forward from Matterhorn.  In essence, Matterhorn started the clash!   

ROUND #1  (First 15 min Introductory)

The Rock - Upcoming talent!

LITTLE ROCK (R-1): Little Rock's MC stepped to the coffin and greeted the patrons stating "6 sounds deh ya but 5 pu**y haffi  dead!"  He then went on to say that nuff people said the Rock "bought" their way  into WORLD CLASH 2000 but they worked hard for it. Why would the Rock mention this?? Why not wait until someone else mentions it, then address it or even cut a dub with an intro that addresses it?  That's like saying ".. hey you, my bullet proof vest stops at this point so shoot me right here!"  Anyway the crowd was indifferent, but when he told the selector to leggo a tune and no one heard a thing, the gestures of discontent came swift and early.  Was it a technical problem with the sound or was it the selector? - Who knows..?  But the crowd was not liking it at all.  Anyway the first tune: Earl Sixteen and Anthony Johnson -  "Every Night is a Sound clash" - a Bass Odyssey Dub Fi Dub tune rinsed in less than 10 seconds. The crowd enjoyed this one!  He then went into Bushman's "Fire Pon a Drum Pan" and again the crowd cheered.  From there, Luciano and Sizzla dubs warmed up the crowd.  The tunes were there but the speech wasn't owning up to the tunes being played.  In any event, straight to the big tunes: Shyne & Barrington Levy's Hip Hop hit "Bad Boy Anthem"- big tune, decent forward!  The first Bounty Killa for the night was a new tune that got average forward.  The Rock was getting in trouble as they were rinsing tunes but their speech was not setting them up for maximum response. The first decent speech sent out Elephant Man's "P*ssy Watchman" to Matterhorn for a decent forward.  From there they jumped to a Bounty on the Sick Rhythm.. Tunes were rinsing but again the speech.. not to mention the fact that the tunes weren't being played with a lot of consistency - slow rhythm to fast rhythm to Hip Hop rhythm to old rhythm!  Beenie came and left, then to a Barrington Levy l/s Morgan Heritage l/s Elephant Man l/s Vegas - nice tune but ill-timed.  There were signs of distress at this point as Little Rock was losing their grip on the crowd - light discontent could be heard. The Hot Dis Year rhythm featuring Beenie Man's "Circumstances" came and went... - big tune - but flopped.  Perhaps the most blatant waste of a tune for Little Rock was when they drew for Baby Cham's "Weh Dem Nuh Go Down Man" on the Bad Weather.  What should have been one of (if not) the biggest tunes of the night received a less than decent forward! Again ill-timed and ill-speech!  From there the Rock dug a hole deeper and deeper for themselves, and by the time they ended the round with a Ward 21, the discontent was loud and clear - people were not impressed.             

Mentally ILL TONY MATTERHORN (R-1): The crowds were cheering when Matterhorn  stepped to the plate, playing a Brigadier Jerry intro before he began to speak.  First comment of the round, "...mi waaa know when dem pu**y ago seh tonight!"... alluding to the fact that he now has foundation tunes!  Then he addressed Little Rock's MC, telling him things to do to his mother.  Forwards were ringing of course by the time he drew for Josey Wales' "Pain".  From there straight to Beres Hammonds' "What Matterhorn Can Do" intro to the hit single "They Gonna Talk"  Matterhorn held the hype!  He then drew for "Lets Rise and Shine and Give Matterhorn the Glory," then Morgan's Heritage "Down By the River." It was evident Matterhorn was making a point, rinse out [Bass Odyssey] foundation  and big tunes tunes early! Big forwards came and the place started to feel like a WORLD CLASH with Matterhorn bussing the dance with each tune!  Then it was the first Ninja Man ("Murder Dem") for the night on the Sleng Ting for a wicked forward which he didn't take (didn't wheel up).  The Biltmore juggling commenced with Bounty's "Matterhorn Tour the World" followed by Sizzla to get a nice forward!  Matterhorn seemed to be at home and content thus far, making it look (as he put it) ".. too easy!"  However this rinsing out of popular new and Biltmore tunes would cost Matterhorn as the forwards began to subside.  Matterhorn then addressed the Rock again, saying that Fire Links deserved to be at WORLD CLASH more than they did - definitely something to think about, but said perhaps to get Fire Links fans on his side.  Then it was the Mud Up Rhythm which he brought back with a Capleton Medley that was ok.  The forwards were subsiding with each tune! He then buss a new rhythm: a loop of the guitar intro to the popular hit song "Footloose" (somebody stop him!!!).  He started it with a Bounty and Sizzla.  This was ambitious on Matterhorn's part who I will always respect for bussing new tunes.. the crowd saw it differently however, as they were indifferent.  I don't know if it was the mixing at the studio or the sound system that night but the rhythm was too loud and you could hardly hear the deejay - which perhaps contributed to the lack of appreciation.  From there it was the Sick Rhythm, getting tunes out the way from early - but at the expense of decent forwards.   He unleashed the Head to Toe Rhythm that he brought back but still no forwards. From there a Coco Tea Medley ended the round with light boos.  


BASS ODYSSEY (R-1): Squingy said his usual greeting (a polite bredda!) and began to hype up the crowd as DJ Mark played an acappella intro, followed by Junior Kelly's hit tune (dub style of course) to buss the crowd!  From there it was straight for the anthems, starting with Sizzla's "Clean Up Your Heart", which is always (in every single case) followed or preceded by Sizzla's "Holding Firm" on the same rhythm.  Dance buss again!  Keeping with the hype, the Biltmore segment ensued with Bounty's "Sound Ago Dead" on the Answer  Rhythm to another anthem: "Buju l/s Wayne Wonder "Every Sound Is Calling Your Name" - which Squingy deliberately played before the likes of Matterhorn could play his chopped up version.  From there Bounty on the Sick followed by Beenie for some decent forwards!  Getting rid of more regulars, Baby Cham's "Bun B*ttyBowy" got a nice forward as well...  From there, more regulars such as Ward 21's "One More Star A War" and the likes of Lexxus. After a small pause, the Stamina Daddy Rhythm (brought back by Fire Links) with Capleton's "Hands Up" and Lexxus' "Penny We" - still rinsing out regulars!  Up to this point it was all about addressing Pow Pow, Little Rock, and Matterhorn.  For the first time all night Bass Odyssey then properly acknowledges Killamanjaro by killing out one of  Jaro's sample tunes: Johnny Clark's "Fear No Sound" and the dance buss!  From there its Culture's "Jah Jah See Dem A Come!" - Dance buss again!  Then its "Bad Bwoy a Fire M-16", after which Squingy introduces Skinny (who clashed Black Kat in Squingy's place weeks earlier).  Skinny introduces Errol Dunkley's "Where Can I Find a Sound..." {"Black Cinderella" Rendition} to buss the dance, ending the round!!!  

KILLAMANJARO (R-1): A Junior Reid Acappella done to the clapping of hands brings in Freddy and Hype of Killamanjaro as the crowd begins to cheer!! Freddy starts off acknowledging that not many know of him, but he can kill sounds - stating that Jaro is the wickedest sound in the world (much like how Trooper use to say it).  First tune - John Holt's "Jaro Will Murder You Like a Thief in the Night" to buss the dance.  From there the first counteraction of the night: The Errol Dunkley "Where Can I find" that Odyssey attempted to rinse out from under Jaro was answered by Jaro's version stating :"You Cannot Find, a Sound to Kill Jaro" - The place pop down!!! Then to the flip side of the dub, again Errol Dunkley with "Movie Star" to buss the dance royally again.  After bigging up his teacher in the house (Ricky Trooper), Freddy draws for "We Have the Title" followed by Little John's "All Over Dem"!  The place is inna heat as Freddy unleashed Jaro anthems such as Shinehead's "Killamanjaro Sound."  Still in a frenzy the crowd sings as Freddy draws for an old Bounty!  All was well as he drew for Baby Cham's "War Dem A Bring" on the Mud Up rhythm!  However, when he drew for "The Business", calling Matterhorn's name (among others) in it,  the crowd started to get restless.  Freddy quickly drew for Sanchez's "Never Dis The Sound," which was indifferent to the crowd  - but when the follow up tune, Sizzla's "Live To See Tomorrow", got a decent applause.  Addressing  the Johnny Clark Odyssey tried to beat out, Freddy drew for Capleton's "Carbon Copy" for a big forward!  Freddy then drew for a Beres Hammond, Sugar Minott, Little John, and Capleton combo which the people did listen to but the forward was not fitting to the tune.  The final tune was dedicated to Matterhorn - Dennis Brown's "Do You Know What It Means To Test The Champion Sound"  The round ended with light boos.  It was evident this would be a race not for the swift, but who can endure!

POW POW (R-1): Pow Pow came in bigging up the crowd and introducing themselves as an "international foundation sound."  A Gregory Isaacs "Pow Pow Come Ya Fi Rule Dancehall" calling up all the sounds names in it then followed!   Big tune but not well received, perhaps because New York was just getting use to Pow Pow - plus the MC could have introduced it better. From their they delved into some hardcore foundation tunes that you would have to be listening to reggae from the 80s to recognize and appreciate.  Big Tunes but mostly unfamiliar to the younger New York clash fans.  "No Ice Cream Sound"  came in - Stone Love tune but still good.  The crowd was indifferent.  The crowd was not fighting Pow Pow,  but rather giving them a fair chance to show their belly.  Barrington's "Broader Than Broadway" came next, followed by "Push Comes To Shove" - good tunes, but again unfamiliar in a sound clash setting to the New York crowd.  The crowd was silent but attentive, still waiting for Pow Pow to buss the dance.  Pow Pow then drew for the Mud Up Rhythm with Beenie Man and Capleton dubs, but the tunes were not being introduced properly.  The MC spoke too fast and did not lower the volume enough when he was talking to be understood by the crowd.  From there it was the Sleng Teng Rhythm with "Temper" which was unappreciated.  In any event light boos were coming in fast as Pow Pow promised that this was just the 1st Round.  Leroy Gibbons followed by Pinchers' "Agony" came indifferent to the crowd.  The final Tune: Beres Hammond's "What Can You Do To Stop Your Sound From Dying" - big tune - but ill-timed and ill-speech.  Pow Pow exited their round to light gestures of discontent.  

MIGHT CROWN (R-1): Sammy T and Simon came in to a greeting of light boos, to which they answered they were not afraid of those things.  They then quickly shifted the discontent to Pow Pow by asking the crowd to clap their hands if they thought Pow Pow should drop out of the clash from now. Hands could be heard clapping all over the place.  Simon then gave the mic to resident MC Sammy T who went on to big up the different islands in the Caribbean.  He then went into a touching monologue about how although he comes from Japan, he loves Jamaica and reggae music because "...a it mek mi eat food.."  From there he played an acappella of the Jamaican National Anthem by Pad Anthony, with a person in the background translating it in Japanese.  Needless to say the place was in a frenzy!!! From there they drew for Junior Reid's One Blood, while Sammy T runs around the stage waving a Flag with the Jamaica colors on one side and the Japanese colors on the other side.  Amazura Bruck Dung!!!! I couldn't hear my own thoughts as Amazura was drowned amidst a sea of forwards!  Still on the "I Love Jamaica" tip, Redd Foxx and Naturalee's "Jamaica Nice" mash up the crowd again!  From there it was a Ward 21 to dun di place!!! With Seemingly unstoppable force Simon draws for a Buju Banton (Can't Take It On The Plane) and Shabba Ranks (Get Up Stand Up and Dance!!)" combination on the Sick!! Dance Flatten!!!! Dance Dun!!!!  From there, Beenie Man's "Gunshot Inna Di Air if Yu Nuh.." (made specifically for WORLD CLASH 2000 and calling Amazura in it)!  Dance Flatten Again!!  When the tune was wheeled and played back to reveal Beenie saying "Matterhorn a beg Bounty dub, him a lick it back!" the Place Dun!!!! Place Flatten!!! Ten seconds after the tune wheel, the crowd was still cheering!  These made the previous forwards by other sounds look like the crowd was yarning!!  From that climax they drew for Pincher's "Return of The Don" and Tanto & Devonte's "Every Sound.." on the Magic Moment rhythm - nice forwards!  Another Shabba (Oil Up the Gun Dem) and Buju (Sound Fi Dead) combo mash down down Amazura!! No sound so far buss up their round consistently they way Mighty Crown did at this point! They seemed unstoppable! Crown then addressed Matterhorn's dissing them all year long with Capleton's "Try To Dis Me When I'm Not Around" to dun the dance again!!  Addressing Pow Pow's name, Crown said Brooklyn and Queens gun don't sound "... pow pow", it sound "rattatatt..." - place buss!!!  From there, Barrington Levy - "We A Sound Killer" - big forward!  Final tune, Crown addresses Jaro with "Knocking on Heaven's Door" calling up Killamanjaro's name!!  Wicked forward as Crown ends their set with the  wickedest performance for the night thus far!  A Full Hundred Round! 

COMMENTS: This marked the end of the 1st Round, 15 min each, and when the referee DJ Roy asked the crowd sound by sound who was leading the dance, Mighty Crown received the most forwards!!  These were the performance ratings recorded inside the dance for this round:

1st Place - Mighty Crown - Buss the place Consistently from Start to End Non-stop!!

2nd Place - Bass Odyssey - Wicked Start and maintained throughout!

3rd Place - Killamanjaro - Started Hype but died down slowly... (light discontent).  

4th Place - Matterhorn - Started Hype but died quickly... (light discontent).

5th Place - Pow Pow - Big Tunes but no MC skills and tunes were "too unfamiliar"... (discontent).

6th Place - Little Rock - No Vibes... (discontent).

The depth of analysis  I did for the first round was to give you an idea of how each sound started out playing.  From here on the analysis of the rounds will be considerably shorter, in the interest of keeping the analysis concise (after all, its 6 sounds - twice as much as last year's WORLD CLASH!).

ROUND #2  (2nd 15min each)

The "Big Man" didn't run out of dubs this year!

LITTLE ROCK (R-2): Little Rock's starts off Round 2 with Admiral Tibet's "Time is Serious" and Buju's "Test We Nuh" but not backed by the proper speech - negligible forwards. Claiming the plan was to beat out tunes, they played a nice Mikey Spice, but still repeating the same argument that they didn't buy their way to WORLD CLASH 2000 - almost making it seem that they had a guilty conscience.  From there they pretty much jumped around from Capleton to the Cuss Cuss rhythm, to Sammy Dread and Bounty (this section I liked b/c of the rhythm)!  Some of the tunes were big tunes but because of their lack of exposure to familiarize New York with these tunes, the Rock did not receive the forwards they should have gotten.  In addition, the speech was not well timed, and sometimes it was just totally off.  Tunes were not set up correctly to get their forwards.  Some Bounties they played should have been voiced on faster rhythms and unleashed more aggressively.. In any event they get credit for unleashing (for the first time in the dance) the "What Di Hell Di Police Can Do" rhythm as well as the "Si Boops Deh" Rhythm.  However, when they paused the rhythm to complained about the headphones they were using - discontent met them.  They should learn a lesson that Squingy has always taught - don't curse the equipment, humble yourself and work wid what you have!!!.  That's what separates experience from prentice!  From there Rock's focus turned from the clash to an almost juggling atmosphere.  No speech against the other sounds.. no counteractions.. just tunes (to the point where the MC was singing the tunes he was playing).  Of course the headphones were blamed continuously.  The round ended with Terror Fabulous' "Gangster".  Rock exited abruptly - their last words (instead of dissing the other sounds) was dissing the headphones.  New York people happen to love headphones, and so gestures of discontent followed them.          


MATTERHORN (R-2): Matterhorn came in (without introduction by the referee) saying ".. damn.. I didn't even know it was my turn" in that Austin Powers voice he does (ok so you guys may not know it).. In any event he began to explain"whaa gwarne".  After suggesting that Little Rock and Pow Pow drop out already,  he dropped "Onto the Sound Clash We Go" and started with some anthems including Bounty's "Originality" on Jay Z's Big Pimpin rhythm for a nice forward.  Then it was unto the "Look" Remix DJ Kareem of Renaissance (where Bounty stammers: "To-ni-Ma-Ta-Rarn - Ga-Lore).  Less than 10 seconds and its off to another anthem: Sizzla on the Hate Me Now rhythm as well as the Lexxus ("Mi Naw").  Then it was on to the beat-out Badda Badda tunes, as he exclaimed that Freddy cannot manage Jaro like Trooper can (of course he said this to get Trooper fans in his court).  Matterhorn then says of Freddy, "... give him 2 more years.." (sound familiar).    More Head To Toe rhythm and a Lexxus, a Josey and Bounty combo"Riding through the Dessert" (Addies tunes!!!!), but nothing special.  Half way through the round and Matterhorn hasn't found his groove yet.  A new Bounty on the Shyne/Barrington Levy rhythm written exclusively for WORLD CLASH 2000 and calling up everybody name in it  revived the crowd somewhat, but didn't get the forward it deserved!  Matterhorn then drew for the Footloose Rhythm again with Ninja Man's "Dead BloodCl*t)"- Big tune but no forward.  After that, the Sick rhythm.  Matterhorn did comment on the headphones, but didn't dwell on it.  Morgan Heritage, Alton Ellis, and Horace Andy ended the round.  


BASS ODYSSEY (R-2): Squingy comes in teasing Matterhorn for his flop round, then straight to the Bass Odyssey anthem by ARP for a forward.  From there he addresses Mighty Crown's Shabba dubs with "Ready Fi Di War" and cuts into a Biltmore Bounty  for a forward - the crowd is alive again!  From there another anthem - Coco Tea/Sanchez "Kill Dem Now" to buss the place early out!  From there he alerts the crowd that nothing is going on for Matterhorn in Kingston, its all about Fire Links - obviously to breed discontent for Matterhorn!  After "Stalk of Sensimelia," Odyssey went straight for the Buju for a wicked forward again! After Squingy instructs the crowd to point at Matterhorn, DJ Mark plays Baby Cham's "If A Fassyhole Nuh Like Me.." and the crowd completed the chorus "...Suck Yu Muma!"  Wicked!! From there he drew for Hawkeye's "You Nuh Beg" on the "Love Pynanny Bad" rhythm to buss up the place!!! Place Flatten!!! When he brings in Mr. Vegas' "Sweetest Time" the Place Dun!!!  Amazura Pop Down!!!  From there its getting rid of more Jaro tunes including Junior Cat's "Killing P*ssy"!! A Mikey Spice  on the Sleng Teng rhythm brought more forwards as another of Jaro's Junior Cats ("Come Through, Bass Odyssey A Come Through") stole the forward from Jaro and gave it to Odyssey!!  From there  Capleton's "Buss It" brought the house down!  Then it was counteraction time as Bass Odyssey attempted to kill back Jaro's counteraction their Errol Dunkley (Movie Star) by playing the same dub  but instead it stated "Dancehall Star."  Decent forward.  Counteraction again - Little Rock's  beating out "Ever Night is a Sound Clash" was counteracted by Odyssey's "Yu Ago Dead Inna Di Sound Clash!" to bring Amazura to its knees!!! Big counteraction!!! As Squingy called in DJ Roy, one of the other selectors complained that Odyssey's time wasn't up yet.  Skinny responded by taking the mic and playing Shinehead's "Sometimes Its Hard." Thus ended their round and a wicked one indeed.  It started to feel like a sound clash again!   

KILLAMANJARO(R-2): I wouldn't trade places with Freddy under any circumstances, coming on after the wicked round Odyssey played!!  Freddy came in and addressed Matterhorn's "country bwoy" speech, calling Matterhorn a sell out and drawing for  a Jaro mega-anthem - "Try to Conquer Papa Jaro" for a decent forward!  From there it was another mega-anthem "Reasons" by Johnny Osbourne!  The tune was well received, although it was the weakest forward I've ever see that tune get in a sound clash!  From there it was the Bounty ("Jaro Wi Kill You") on the same rhythm - average forward.  Then Junior Reid's "Fit" and  a few others.. the hype was beginning to die down.  A John Holt combination got a decent forward - nothing to write home about.   The Sick rhythm brought Bling Dog, Sizzla, Beenie Man, and Elephant Man, but the crowd (though attentive) was not feeling it.  Jaro bussed back the Don Bon rhythm (Major Mackerel) with a tune calling everybody name in it but the crowd stood still and listened.  Beenie Man calling  up everybody's name didn't do much to change the situation either.  At this point the crowd couldn't hold back any longer - the discontent could be heard.  Freddy say danger and drew for another mega anthem - "Alibaba," but the forward was negligible (waste of a big tune).  It was actually followed by discontent - which I have never seen happen for this tune before!  It seems Freddy was just trying to finish out the round and didn't care too much about the forwards.  The final tune was an Edi Fitzroy - big tune - but at this time nothing could revive the crowd!  Jaro exited with gestures of discontent.       

POW POW (R-2):  The European representative came (amongst gestures of discontent) playing Morgan Heritage on an unfamiliar rhythm that had the crowd listening but not reacting.  Leroy Gibbon's "Magic Moment" is a big tune but probably not best suited for a clash - no response from the crowd.  Sizzla on the same rhythm did nothing... From there the Sick rhythm with Beenie Man's "Yes-I" - big tune but no consistency in the speech to big it up.  Their first smart move was to point out that Little Rock didn't get any forwards in the second round!  They then brought back a wicked Studio One rhythm and voiced George Nooks on it.  I don't remember the name of the original rhythm (its on the tip of my brain) but the original tune was wicked and Pow Pow gets props for their creativity in bringing it back (reminds me of when Mighty Crown brought back the "Shanty Town" rhythm at last years's WORLD CLASH)!  Well  unfortunately for them the crowd didn't see it quite that way, as it garnered no response from the crowd.  Even when they brought Bounty Killa's rendition of Aaliyah's "Try Again" on the same rhythm (and honestly him sound wicked pon it!!!) the crowd wasn't  feeling it at all.  From there, Barrington Levy's "Teach The Youths" and Michael Palmer's "Dem A Dead Stock" (among others) received no response.  The most under-rated tune of their round : Ken Boothe's "All I own" The tune was beyond wicked and any person that knows tunes will tell you.  However only a few people in the dance acknowledged it!   No doubt it was a Dub-Fi-Dub tune they were forced to play early as their prospects for reaching that far were dim.  Next was the Late Great Dennis Brown's "Here I Come" on the Promised Land rhythm, a big tune considering half the sounds on stage cant find a Dennis Brown!  Pow Pow's final entry was Tristan Palmer's "Entertainment" - again a big tune but not one New York was  willing to give a forward for!  Their exit was again followed by gestures of discontent. 

MIGHTY CROWN(R-2): Crown came in knowing who they had to beat in order to avoid elimination.  After dissing Little Rock, Matterhorn, and Pow Pow, they then dropped a Coco Tea and Spragga Benz (creative!) for a good forward.  Next they tried to counteract Jaro's "Try To Conquer Papa Jaro" by playing "Mighty Crown Will Conquer You".  Decent forward.  From there a Major Mackerel woke up the dance.  Crown then answered Bass Odyssey's "Ready Fi Di War" dub by playing another Shabba and Buju combination stating "Yu Ago Dead Inna Di War" to buss the place!!! Wicked counteraction!!!  When Buju's "No Respect, Disrespect" came it the place mash up!  Coco Tea again ("Undertaker Build Them a Coffin") brought another wicked forward.  From there Sluggy Ranks on the "Good God of My Salvation" rhythm  for a decent forward.  Morgan Heritage stepped in before a Courtney Melody counteraction killed Jaro's "Ninja Mi Ninja" dub.  From there of course the wicked Spragga Benz "Bad Man Nuh Inna Dat" and the Bounty that mash up WORLD CLASH 1999.  Mighty Crown maintained their steady pace with Tony Curtis and Bounty Killa in combination got a decent response.  A counteraction to "Down By The River" by Barrington Levy and Morgan Heritage cut specifically for Amazura came next - big tune!!!  Another big tune - Cornell Campbell's "Ain't No Trick In the Book", was followed by Scion Success' "Yu Dun Dead Already" - which would have gotten a bigger forward if he had called a sound's name before he played it.  Final entry was a new Spragga - "A Dem."  Crown ended a warm and easy round.    

COMMENTS: This marked the end of the 2nd Round, 15 min each, and at this point a sound had to get eliminated.  DJ Roy steps in, and at first the judges (the audience) wanted two sounds to drop out (considering the length of the clash this wouldn't have been such a bad idea).  In any event one sound was eliminated: Pow Pow.  These were the  performance ratings recorded inside the dance for this round (although the crowd's choice of elimination did  not necessarily reflect this):

1st Place - Bass Odyssey - By far had the best round, Waking up the dance with their anthems!

2nd Place - Mighty Crown - After a numbing round by Pow Pow, they came in hype and maintained!

3rd Place - Matterhorn - Their anthems did well at first but he lost pace later on... (light discontent)

4th Place - Killamanjaro - Coming after Odyssey's  hype round was hard enough, and anthems couldn't save them (light discontent)

5th Place - Pow Pow - Close behind Jaro.. Again Big Tunes but people were unfamiliar... MC had no vibes... (discontent).

6th  Place - Little Rock - No consistency, no vibes, just rinsing tunes and complaining about head phones... (discontent).

So Pow Pow drops out, but at least they got the opportunity to represent Europe in a clash of this caliber (big up Irish and Chin for again making history!!).  Hopefully this will be seen as a learning experience.  New York gave them a chance to prove themselves and what they were worth.  



PART 2 (Rounds 3 & 4, Dub Fi Dub, Outro)


By the Clash Analyst, Prince TuFFiE


ROUND #3  (Third 15min each)

Bass Odyssey (DJ Mark)

Prince TuF hails DJ Mark (Full Hundred Round)

LITTLE ROCK(R-3): Little Rock made it to Round 3 by the skin of their backs and wasted no time teasing Pow Pow for being eliminated, when they should have been worried about the sounds that were still there: Odyssey, Jaro, Matterhorn, and Crown! The Rock played a Bunny General intro calling up Mighty Crown's name and attacking the nostalgia argument.  A good idea, but the intro was too long and people started to get impatient. An unsuccessful counteraction to Crown's "Dun Dead Already" followed.  Disapproval followed as tunes were drawn with no apparent or foreseeable game-plan in mind.  They played over Pow Pow's "Dem A Dead Stock" by Michael Palmer and whether the crowd realized this or not, they were still dishing out unfavorable gestures.  From there some big tunes from Robert Ffrench and Beres Hammond but again the crowd was passive... It seemed like a juggling dance with tunes like "Hotter This Year" being played.. Rock failed miserably at addressing the crowd, or the other sounds for that matter.   In a moment of desperation they drew for their Dub Fi Dub tunes (Marcia Griffith's "Truly" - Big Tune!) as they saw their life flashing before them.  The discontent was great when they left.  

MATTERHORN (R-3): The Mental comes in with his little classical intro, this time with Buccaneer singing "Ya Gonna Die".  He wakes up the dance with "Come Out Of The Dance With Yu Drum Pan Sound We Don't Want It"  Decent forward.  From there he commences to kill each sound one by one.  He attempts to address Squingy's earlier speech, saying that Links caught the hype b/c he was on tour!  "Lock the City" by Capleton got a decent forward.  Next to kill: Freddy .  he attempted to do this by bigging up Squingy, Lenny (why??) and Trooper... and not Freddy.  A nice Sean Paul ("Calling Out Mi Name") followed but from there the hype died quickly.  Borrowing from Trooper's "... mek mi hear yu say new tune", he attacks Little Rock with a wicked Sizzla - decent.  Mighty Crown's turn - Matterhorn attempts to kill the Ninja Mi Ninja tune with an original Ninja Man dub!  The intro got a bigger forward than the tune!  Capleton on the same rhythm was decent.  From there Matterhorn used the Mud Up rhythm to kill some time and maintain the pace.  He tries to kill Skinny from Odyssey with Lexxus' "Monkey".  A waste of Baby Cham's "Babylon Bwoy" saying "Japanese Bwoy" attempts to kill Sammy with a decent response.  One mis-played Bling Dog, a couple more  tunes, and some disapproval came in again from the crowd!  A Matterhorn and Alozade combination (play-over tune) on his newly brandished Footloose rhythm ended a round where he was barely able to maintain.         

BASS ODYSSEY (R-3): Squingy comes in without an MC, acknowledging that Matterhorn talked out 7 of his 15 minutes.  He then pleaded with the crowd to "..give it to dem" whenever a sound messes up, alluding to Matterhorn's play over tune which went seemingly un-noticed by the crowd.  From there Squingy makes a comment about Matterhorn's giving him props earlier, thanking him but then stabbing him  in the back saying he should have bigged up his teacher, Baby Face of King Addies!! Of course this had the crowd worked up.  From there its a Biltmore Bounty Killa ("When the West Was Won") into Buju's "Bass Odyssey Time Again").  More familiar Biltmore tunes started to wake the crowd from their previous slumber.  Of course the infamous Suzy Wong (Nicodemus) came in and buss the place after less than 5 seconds of play.  The Sick Rhythm came in with new tunes  including "Neva Heard Of Them" (Sizzla).  The crowd was back in gear and jumping up. Squingy then demonstrated why is one of the top MCs in the biz by dissing Matterhorn with a wicked speech!! He starts by mentioning Capleton's tune "From You See Dem Yu Wi Know Dem." He then told the crowd to look at Matterhorn as he asks Matterhorn to show him and the crowd "how b*ttyman stand up!" What could Matterhorn do.. he was already standing...  Di place Flatten!!! Place Dun!!! Hilarious!!!! Finally it felt like a sound clash again - the dissing, the jokes, the tunes... From there, he sends a Beres out to Matterhorn to "Shut Up Yu Mouth." Continuing down the big tune lane, he then unleashes  Capleton's "Dem Waa Know, Who I Am!"  At this time Squingy & DJ Mark has the crowd eating out of their hands with continuous forward after forward!  Squingy then pauses, and after asking the crowd if they are ready for Bass Odyssey to take WORLD CLASH, unleashes a Gregory Isaacs rendition of "Night Nurse" inna killing sound style!! Amazura Flatten!!!  The Dance Mash Up!!!! You can hear the walls of Amazura crumbling down as whistles, rags waving, feet stomping, patrons shouting, lighters firing, airhorns, the whole nine yards!!!  5... 10... 15... seconds and Amazura is still in a frenzy!!! This was without a doubt the biggest forward of the entire clash!! When the next tune dropped "Trodding From St Anns To Kill A Drum Pan Sound" - di place Flatten again for perhaps the 3rd biggest forward of the night!!!!  No time to waste as DJ Mark reaches for Michael Buckley singing (Killamanjaro's Johnny Osbourne) "Oooh, What A La La - We Send Another Sound Home"- Place Buss Up Again!!!   It was total madness!!! Then to Matterhorn it was "Pick Up Your Pieces And Throw It Away" - Somebody Stop Dem!!! Dance Buss Again!!!  Without another word Squingy  & DJ Mark exited with cheers from the crowd rolling down their necks in what was one of (if not) the best round of the entire dance (from start to end), rivaled only by Mighty Crown's first round!  There went the second of  the only two FULL HUNDRED Rounds in this entire dance!!!!!

KILLAMANJARO (R-3): Freddy came in knowing that it was gonna be sticky pon him  - drawing from mega anthem "Try Try" to get on the crowd's good side from early!!  Of course this got a mega forward!  From there he drops Super Cat's "Murder Dat!" to flatten the Place!!!  With the crowd still in a frenzy, "Watch Out Mek We Come Down" for another Super Cat induced forward!!! Again amidst a huge forward, to the flip side of the dub, second tune: "Nuff Sound A Die" -  Place mashup again!! No time to waste - Cat again: "Under Pressure" - and the crowd was loving every second of this Super Cat feature!!  From there a quick pause and then Sizzla's "To Rawtid" on the "I've Got To Leave You Now" rhythm for a decent forward.  A Beenie on the same rhythm followed and the crowd was attentive but not active.  From there one of my favorite Jaro dubs, "Visit of The King Selassi I" by the Late Great Early B - Forward!  Going out to Matterhorn - "Can't Tek Di Bum Bum Ratta Tatta Blam Blam (Too Much Labbering Going On)."  Crowd is still attentive!  For there Blender's "Piece of The Jaro."  - The crowd is still receptive but the hype  is subsiding. The crowd is awakened by the Garnet Silk & Capleton combo "How Dem A Gwarne Like Dem Good Suh"  The crowd hears it but minimal forwards.  With two more tunes to go, a quick pause to address Mighty Crown's Major Mackerel and Ed Robinson dissing Jaro - then Junior Cat's "Dead Yu Ago Dead (We Naw Go Let Dem Guh)" calling Mighty Crown's name (made originally for the previous bouts against them in Atlanta and Amazura)!  The final tune of the round was also the surprise forward of the night!! Cecile rides the Don Bon rhythm to call up everybody's name in this R&B singing style dub.  The tune 1) calls Matterhorn a b*tch  2) says Squingy eat under table, 3) says Sammy & Simon got caught doing undesirable activities  4) says Pow Pow and Little Rock needs not be mentioned because they play so much clash and can't win one..!  The forward came somewhere at #3 or #4 just so you know!  Not a particularly brilliant tune but it accomplished the job of maintaining to the end!  And that was the final entry for the highest Mountain!     

MIGHTY CROWN (R-3): The Crown came in with the weight of the world on their shoulders because everyone knew that the Rock was going to drop out, and that Bass Odyssey and Killamanjaro definitely had to stay (even without hearing Crown play yet).  Therefore Crown had to out do Matterhorn in order to still be in the runnings - which was hard to accomplish at this point coming off of Jaro's previous round.  Remember also that people always remember best, the most recent garbage that they heard - so even if Matterhorn had played worst than how Crown was about to play, Crown would still have to play exceptionally well for the crowd to remember how bad Matterhorn had played 3 sounds ago!  Am I confusing you yet?  Cleva , Uli, Supa, Billy Vibes, and the rest I know you get what I'm saying.. In any event Crown did the smart thing by giving props (perhaps a bit too much) to Odyssey and Jaro while pointing out that Matterhorn and Little Rock has got to go (good move)!  Well the Rock already dead so this round was called "Pick on Matterhorn!"  Wickedest speech of the night for Mighty Crown: in addressing Matterhorn's speech that he is a "Bad Man", Sammy T explains further that the "Macaroni Bwoy" is not a bad man, he is a "rascl*t punk that use to select pon a bad man sound!"  Needless to say the crowd Buss!!  From there, Beres' "I'm Tired." - negligible forward.  Addressing Odyssey's Nico D, Crown drops their infamous Ranking Joe and Nico D - the crowd is not really feeling it too tough.  Anthem time - Morgan Heritage "A Sound Haffi Dead Fi Test Mighty Crown" and Terry Lynn's big tune!  These tunes buss last year's WORLD CLAS but did nothing for them this time around!  Big tune time Sammy says, and reaches for a combo featuring Bounty ("Lodge") and Johnny Osbourne  ("Put It By Number One") on the Sleng Teng -  brilliant match up but no appreciation from the crowd!  Things were getting sticky for Crown...  Bounty and Beenie couldn't help the situation, even when Beenie called up Jaro, Pow Pow, and Odyssey names!  Signs of dispproval were beginning to shower and Sammy T was starting to feel it, as his speech became incoherent!  It was no longer a clash but a qualifying round!  Admiral Bailey's "Hot We Coming In Hot" and an Elephant Man tune on the "Mauma Man" (Shabba) rhythm only made matters worst!!  Shinehead (who has helped Crown immensely in the past) couldn't budge a fly in this crowd at this time!  It seemed their faith was pretty much sealed by the time they drew for a Burro B and Ringo  combo (another brilliant, but under-appreciated tune). Big tune time again as they drew for Scion Success' "All My Dreams Are Dying" (someone in Crown's camp knows how to cut foundation dubs)!!! Unfortunately how many people in the dance knew that tune?  I was giving a forward but maybe three other people joined me - at least where I was standing.  Wicked tune regardless!!!  Anyway final entry - Alton Ellis' "Let Them Try"  Amongst a hail of discontent Crown humbly called in DJ Roy. 

COMMENTS: With that came the end of the 3rd Round 15, and as you know 2 sounds had to go.  DJ Roy stepped in to handle this most difficult task.  Jaro and Bass Odyssey automatically advanced to the next round! Little Rock was eliminated immediately.  However controversy surrounded whether it was Crown or Matterhorn who should go as well.  DJ Roy "twyed and twyed" (as Matterhorn would put it), but the audience couldn't decide!!  Stereo Fish  from Libra Love (Big Up!!) had to step to the plate and handle it.  It was finally extracted from the crowd that Matterhorn would stay!!  Little Rock and Mighty Crown were eliminated from WORLD CLASH 2000.  Again my in-house rating of the round went as follows:  

1st Place - Bass Odyssey - Again By Far!!!! They awakened the crowd with a perfect FULL HUNDRED dub selection, made some wicked speech, and buss the Biggest Tune of the Night - all in one round!!!

2nd Place - Killamanjaro - Freddy used some Jaro anthems (including nuff Super Cat) to bore his way into the next round!  Big Jaro tunes got average forwards but did the job!

3rd Place - Matterhorn - He is 3rd again, doing the very minimum required to barely make the next round!  Talk about screeching across the border!

4th - Place - Mighty Crown - All things being equal, it would have been hard for any sound to come behind Jaro and Odyssey's round and maintain! Crown lacked the experience and creativity to deal with this.  Big tunes but no response.  (light discontent)

6th  Place - Little Rock - Last again - the pressure was too much to handle as they played with no direction and no vibes.  

Fourth Round Advancement: Bass Odyssey, Killamanjaro, and Matterhorn!  And so the reigning WORLD CLASH 1999 champions got eliminated just shy of the 4th Round..  Does this early defeat support the nostalgia argument many supported as the reason for Crown winning last year's WORLD CLASH?  I'm not sure.  Crown is a good sound, but they need to take more dates and prove their worth.  If they had clashed more during the year and rinsed some of the tunes they played in their final round, people would have been familiar with these tunes and given forwards for it.  Another point:  Sammy T used a lot of the Japanese rhetoric in this clash ("..hey I'm Japanese and I like reggae, watch me play as I wave your flag!" However Crown fails to realize that the longer they rely on this is the longer it will take for the sound system  fraternity to accept them fully as a "sound system", and not a "Japanese sound system."  Things to think about!

As for the Rock.. what can I say... Growing pains.. The Rock made it to WORLD CLASH 2000 and that's something no one can take from them.  They are a good sound overall with nuff potential, and the crew is humble and approachable (and that I rate!).  However  with the utmost respect, the MC needs some nurturing (which can only come from experience such as this).  Next point: their dub cutting has creativity and potential (believe me!), but they need to stay off other sounds' anthems.  If they take more dates in the coming months (and win), and perhaps even cool out in Jamaica for a couple of months, they will garner the experience they need as people are familiarized with their tunes, making them a force to be reckoned with!

ROUND #4  (5 min each)

DJ Roy & TuF

DJ Roy - Chief Referee for NY Clashes

MATTERHORN (R-4): Matterhorn starts the last round before Dub-Fi-Dub by cursing the other sounds for trying to build a hype when it was he who "start ova back did dance." The crowd didn't agree as mumbling and discontent filled the air...  Ken Booth's "When We Kill A Sound" was then played - big tune! Not appreciated that much.  More speech, then Bounty Killa on the answer "Sound Bwoy Get the Business Corrupted!" The crowd was not feeling it!  Bounty's "Move Towards the 21th Century" - no vibes.  Lexxus - no vibes - disapproval!   Matterhorn in a moment of frustration then began scolding the audience for being so indecisive  (pointing to their difficulty in eliminating Crow).  He should be grateful he didn't get booted himself!  The crowd of course wasn't trying to hear it, but he spoke his mind and a someting mi respect di bredda fa!  Once again the Footloose rhythm with Baby Cham - negligible - more gestures of discontent.  A small speech, then Josey Wales' "Leggo Mi Hand Gateman Mek Mi Come In" - Big Tune! No Forward!!  Briggie's "Ragamuffin" didn't do the trick either.  Still on the foundation tip: Chaplin - nothing!  Matterhorn teases Mighty Crown  and pats himself on this back saying he is still the winner for reaching this far in the clash!  This kid is hilarious!!  From there his collaboration with Capleton  from last year's WORLD CLASH neva mek it (although nuff respect for showing his deejaying skills)!  For the last tune he plays the Leroy Sibbles that (according to him) took Odyssey's life in WAR 2000 - gestures of discontent followed his exit!!          

BASS ODYSSEY (R-4): Squingy again cautions New York to ".. give it to!" the sounds dem when they play garbage.. Apparently he was not impressed with how the crowd handled Matterhorn's five minutes  of flop (although they did give it to Matterhorn somewhat).  "A trophy mi come fa" introduces "Bass Odyssey is The General."  From there Hopeton James' "I'm In The Mood TO Kill A Sound" - decent response!  Hammer Mouth follows with "Tribute to Selassie I" - Big Tune!! - Good Response!  From there the Coco Tea/Capleton anthem.  A Biltmore Bounty "Sound Ago Dead" has the people attentive,  rocking, and singing!  He calls in Freddy!      

KILLAMANJARO (R-4): Freddy too came "..fi di trophy" and Garnet's "Rub-A-Dub Soldier" had the crowd completing the verse! "War" follows for a decent response!  Pad Anthony's "A Murder" - ok..  After bigging up his teacher Ricky Trooper for bringing Jaro to certain heights (which he now aims to surpass), he then brings in a five the hard way he built featuring: Luciano, Admiral Tibet, Mickey General... let me rest... ok...,  Josey Wales, and Charlie Chaplin on the Talk About Love rhythm (Al Campbell).  Just saying makes me tired.  Too much talent for one tune.  How do you appreciate a tune like that?  Well the crowd was attentive, maybe impressed, maybe not, but they were attentive.. The tune was long enough to end out the round without Freddy even knowing his time was up! 

COMMENTS: Of course this marked what many thought was an unnecessary round, being that no one was gonna get eliminated at this point so whats the point???  Incidentally it is interesting that Killamanjaro was the only sound that actually played the 5 minutes this round required (5min 11 secs to be exact)!  Bass Odyssey underplayed their round by almost one minute while the stopwatch count for Matterhorn was a whopping 8 minutes and 37 seconds!! Referee where are you???? In-house rating::

1st Place - Bass Odyssey - Again Bass Odyssey takes this round by maintaining their status and commanding the crowd - this is the true power of an MC!

2nd Place - Killamanjaro - Killamanjaro pretty much maintained.. nothing special, but then again it didn't matter b/c this wasn't an elimination round!)

3rd Place - Matterhorn - Third place again, but in a competition of three this means last place!  If this were an elimination round (which many thought it should have been), Matterhorn would have been booted and Jaro and Odyssey left to war it out! (light discontent)

Of course it all boils down to the Dub Fi Dub, and we have reached this point in the Analysis.  With a limit of 10 tunes to be played, that makes for 30 tunes!! Thats a lot of tunes so I will simply give an idea of the tune played and rate the audience's response on a scale of 1-10 - with 1 being the loudest gestures of disapproval you can imagine, and 10 meaning Di Place Flatten!!

Dub Fi Dub  (10 tunes each)

WOLD CLASH CHAMPIONS with Chin the promoter

For the 2nd time in 3 years - Jaro Wins!

MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #1): Matterhorn tells the crowd "fairness ago do it!"  No cheering for your sound, cheer for the tune!!  With that he unleashed Horace Andy's "Skylarking" - Can you say Big Tune!!!!!  I can.. The crowd couldn't - RATING: 4

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #1): Squingy teases Matterhorn flop dub "..dat nuh mek it!" and drops George Nook's "Sound Clash War" ("Tribalk War rendition).  As quickly as they came they left. RATING: 6

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #1): Freddy comes in to kill Bass Odyssey's tune with a counteraction, George Nooks' "A Burial Spot" on the same rhythm. Successful! RATING:7


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #2): Matterhorn  draws for another George Nooks again on the same rhythm to counteract both tunes - big  counteraction still, but would have been more successful had Jaro or Odyssey directed their tunes at Matterhorn specifically (3's a crowd)! RATING: 5

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #2): Squingy  again asks that the crowd give it to a sound when they flop.  A John Holt/Gregory Isaacs combo follows ("Burial Camp"/"Number One")! The crowd is feeling Gregory Isaacs tonight and shows it when Gregory comes in! RATING: 8

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #2): No time to waste, Freddy draws for the big guns: Dennis Brown/Garnet  Silk!  A classic tune, decent forward!! RATING: 7


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #3): Acknowledging Jaro's tune, he draws for Alton Ellis' "Many Sounds Has Come To You."  Good tune - average forward! RATING: 6

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #3): Squingy says to Matterhorn.. "..big tune.. wrong speech.." and unleashes  Carl Dawkins "Gotta Get Love I know That I Will.. satisfaction.." inna sound clash style! - Big Tune!!!! RATING: 7

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #3): Freddy mocks the tune and draws for Garnet Silk "One Of A Kind" - a tune Trooper forgot about!  Nice to know Freddy is going beyond the regular anthems!!! RATING:6


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #4): Matterhorn scolds Freddy, asking for bigger tunes from Jaro.. then its "We're Gonna Find..." ("Heptones On Top" rendition) by the Heptones !!! The crowd is on their feet!!!! RATING: 8

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #4): Squingy acknowledges the big tune Matterhorn dropped and answers with an anthem - Garnet Silk/Leroy Smart "Oh Me, Oh My."  The crowd is pleased!  Odyssey then ".. took [their] forward and cut!!!" RATING: 7

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #4): Freddy gives Odyssey's tune no respect, and draws a combo: Luciano "Cider Board Casket", Yami Bolo ("Ain't No Sound That Move Me"), and Leroy Smart ("When I Was A Boy, I Use To Say That  Killamanjaro.." on the same rhythm!!  Discontent mixed with forwards...  RATING: 6


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #5): Matterhorn  reminds Freddy of the discontent his 5 the hard way  received and amongst a speech that was a bit sloppy, played a Hopeton James ("I Don't Care For You At All" made famous by the mighty Late Great Slim Smith!!!) The crowd felt that tune!! RATING: 7

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #5): Squingy bigs up the tune and brings up Carlton Livingston's "Everybody Knows about your Sound." big tune but unfamiliar to the crowd.  Odyssey holds their first disapproval of the night!" RATING: 4

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #5): Freddy draws for Gregory Isaacs' "Rumors" intro  followed by "Who's gonna..."  Big tune, decent forward!...  RATING: 6


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #6): Matterhorn  hails the big tune Freddy played and asks the crowd to "..look right here.." pointing to his face, then unleashes "You See Matterhorn's Face, But You Don't See His Heart." Come on New York!!! Big Tune!!!! Big tune received big discontent!! RATING: 6

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #6): Squingy teases Matterhorn's discontent and plays and untouchable: Garnet Silk and Charlie Chaplin "Every Knee Shall Bow."  They took the forward and cut!!  RATING: 7

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #6): Freddy answers Odyssey's Garnet with a Garnet Silk anthem of his own, "Evacuate The Premises."  The crowd rails up and screams as the big tune was wheeled!!  RATING: 8


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #7): Matterhorn says he's not going anywhere, and draws "I.... Wonder If A Sound Bwoy, Will Run Come Test" ("Puppet On A String").  What's wrong with New York???? Another big tune goes unnoticed.. Gestures of discontent! RATING: 4

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #7): Squingy reminds Matterhorn that it was 5 forwards and 10 flops that Matterhorn got, and not one flop as Matterhorn indicated upon exiting his round.. Gregory Isaacs was drawn "Oh What A Feeling..."  This this tune was perhaps not the best Gregory they could have cut for a clash, although a big tune still... Second time for the night gestures of discontent met them!  RATING: 3

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #7): Freddy then asks Squingy to take the upcoming forward and "... wrap it up as a nice present, and give it to u boss!!"  From there the mighty Jaro anthem:  Tenor Saw's "Pack Up Pack Up Pack Up Your Sound And Go."  Amazura Tear Dung!!!  Amazura Flatten!! For the first time in the Dub-Fi-Dub the dance actually buss like the early rounds!! Without a doubt the biggest forward of the Dub Fi Dud!  RATING: 9


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #8): Matterhorn doesn't even try to fight Jaro's previous forward.  He draws a Freddie McGregor's "Let Them Try" - the original (by Alton Ellis) of which was already played earlier by Mighty Crown as their final entry to Round 3!  Unbeknownst to the crowd or not, Matterhorn was met with massive disapproval - the largest of the night!! So how does Matterhorn handle this?  He says the disapprovals are now considered forwards so technically he got the biggest forward thus far!! Is this bredda for real?? A clown I tell ya!!  RATING: 1

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #8): Squingy lets Matterhorn know he can't work with the disapprovals.. Another Garnet Silk - "Talk Keep Them Talking." The crowd was not feeling it!  Saying to Jaro that the Tenor Saws are gone so "mek wi see belly now..." Odyssey exits.  RATING: 3

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #8): Freddy announces that both Bass Odyssey and Matterhorn are dead, then draws "The War Just Over."  The forward was negligible!  RATING: 4


MATTERHORN (Dub Fi Dub #9): Matterhorn is happy about Freddy's disapproval rating on the last tune and draws for one more Alton Ellis!!  Big tune, no forward, nuff disapproval!!  He leaves laughing and saying he got a bigger forward than Jaro's last tune (which according to his new system, meant he got a bigger disapproval).  RATING: 1

BASS ODYSSEY (Dub Fi Dub #9): After dissing Matterhorn for embracing the crowd's disapproval, Squingy comes in with Micheal Buckley's "Sweet Sound Play So Relaxing" on the Cuss Cuss rhythm.   Big tune, although I don't know if I would have opted to put it on that rhythm (why not the original rhythm?).  The crowd disapproved!!  Squingy sent a subliminal message to his boss Wally (did anyone who heard the dance pick up on that??) and exits..   RATING: 1

KILLAMANJARO (Dub Fi Dub #9): Freddy forces a speech (which wasn't really fitting) for the one  mega-anthem we didn't hear all night, Nitty Gritty's "False Alarm."  Of course the tune can't flop, but it got the weakest forward I have ever see or heard that tune get in a sound clash...  RATING: 5



COMMENTS: Was it me alone or did you count  only 9 sets of tunes when the Dub Fi Dub was suppose to be 10?  Referee??? Hello??? That's why you're there for!!! Anyway it wasn't as if a 10th tune was needed.  The crowd seemed to have heard more than they could possibly bare.  Forwards were stingy and the disapprovals were raining like cats and dogs..  DJ Roy comes in at this point and asks the crowd one by one.. "Lets hear it for Tony Matterhorn...." Gestures of discontent filled Amazura..  "Lets hear it for Bass Odyssey..." More disapproval.  Lets hear it for Killamanjaro..."  Without delay, controversy, or apology, the crowd cheered, whistled, and clapped... So said, so done, and DJ Roy announced: "The new WORLD CLASH CHAMPIONS FOR 2000...  Killamanjaro, Killamanjaro, Killamanjaro!!!!"  Matterhorn bumrushes the mic to tell the people that Squingy run last.. (not sure this is true but does it really matter, they both lost).  Freddy gives a victory speech bigging up his roots (Super Dee Sound) and hailing his teacher Ricky Trooper, who Freddy says is "..the world's greatest selector!!"  Obviously a good youth with a lot of respect for those who came before him (although he could have mentioned Hype's name at least once).


Prince  TuFFiE congratulates the Champs!

And so ended the biggest sound clash in North America for the this year  : WORLD CLASH 2000.  After all that was said and done, Killamanjaro came out the victor, fair and square, amidst not controversy.. but a unanimous decision!!  Not the most impressive victory I've seen... not even by that great of a margin either, but they did win.   In the aftermath  of WORLD CLASH 2000 its important to take heed to a few lessons this clash has taught us.. Actually lets just call them points...  Take what you will from the following observations, but I found them worth mentioning, and if already mentioned, worth reiterating:

Do you realize that you have just read over 5 hours worth of sound clash drama??? Imagine standing up listening to a clash  featuring 6 sounds for over 5 hours straight (the average clash lasts 2 1/2 to 3 hours).  The analysis itself took me over 15 hours to write!!  Literally!!! Leaving the venue I got the feeling that many thought this was too long of a clash.. And the remedy to this is...  Less sounds?  Shorter rounds? I don't know, but definitely a first round elimination (we  really didn't need to hear some of the sounds twice to decide that they had to go!!).

Will Matterhorn clash again anytime soon? He said before WORLD CLASH 2000 that after event, its back to juggling for him.   It would be a shame for all those wicked foundations he cut to go to waste!  

The Dub Fi Dub this year turned out to be a race for who can get the LEAST amount of disapproval, rather than the MOST amount of forwards.  In that sense, many found it lacked the zest and excitement that a clash of this caliber is expected to bring (remember last year's Dub Fi Dub between Jaro and Crown - phenomenal!!!).  In any event that is no one's fault!  When you have such a Dub Fi Dub match up as this one, it makes it the more difficult to impress the crowd.

Big up Killamanjaro for starting the counteractions  in this clash - something sounds have forgotten to take advantage of in recent clashes!!  Remember the hey days of King Addies when you couldn't slip any loose arguments or tunes past Baby Face without expecting a wicked counteraction in the next round!!  The clashes of today seem to focus on who can play what, forgetting that any tune can be counteracted with the appropriate speech and a related tune to back it up!!!

Pow Pow gets big respect for playing perhaps what were the cleanest dubs of the entire dance.  Their dubs rival CD quality with the right amount of highs, mids, low mids, and baseline.   Seems like the standard for dub cutting in Germany is a bit higher than elsewhere.  Of course the Don One (Big Up) dubs didn't sound too bad either! These guys played nuff big tunes.. I know Cleva and I aren't the only ones who saw this.. Oh yeah, Cassette Face saw this too.. Also, nuff respect for that Studio One rhythm they brought back and featured Bounty on!! It was wicked, mi naw lie!!!!

Mighty Crown gave us one of the only 2 Full 100 Rounds in the dance.  Honestly this was perhaps the best round of the dance period.. either this or Bass Odyssey's!  Jamal says Crown's first round was the better of the two, and he's a Bass Odyssey fan so I'll buy that! And Crown's Buju and Shabba Combos!!! Somebody stop them!! Wicked!!!  Trust me... whoever is responsible for voicing Crown's foundation dubs is doing their homework!!!

When Squingy killed Matterhorn with the "how b*ttyman stand up" speech, it reminded me of why he can only be classed with the best of them (the likes of Panther and Ricky Trooper)!!!  Talk about wicked MC.  Also, look at how Odyssey dominated the early rounds, giving up only the first round (to Mighty Crown)!  And whoever thought that a Gregory Isaacs would be the biggest tune fi the entire dance (in a clash where Killamanjaro is present with Nity Gritty, tenor Saw, and Super Cats!!! Will somebody please Express Mail Bass Bass Odyssey's ratings to them!!!! Having said that, why can't these guys ever finish up what they start???? Can it really just be their lack of foundation tunes?  How hard are these to obtain??? What is it???  

I don't mean to beat a dead horse (byut I will) but do you realize that if this clash were judged on the merits (cummulative score from round to round) then Mighty Crown would have made it to the 4th Round and Matterhorn would have dropped out? So you see, it does make a difference how a clash is judged!!!  I think this is what Cleva was trying to point to on the bulletin board..  However, the real question here should be.. at the end of the day, does it really matter???? Could Mighty Crown have performed better than Matterhorn against Bass Odyssey and Killamanjaro, the two toughest sounds in the business to beat?  

There are nuff more things I can say but I must end somewhere, so let me just wrap it up by saying that DJ Roy  (Big Up the Link-Up Radio Fam) should be commended this time around.  His impact on the outcome of the clash was minimal.  He's a hard working referee and trust me, he was needed for the early rounds to bring organization and consistency to the events..  He appropriately disappeared  from the Dub Fi Dub, and gets nuff respect for that!! We can't blame the referee for this one!!!

So there you have it, my two cents worth from the Clash Analyst, Prince TuFFiE.  Its subjective, I admit, but the analysis comes from years of studying this type of event, so if I mentioned something here, there's a reason why it was mentioned.  You are welcomed to agree or disagree if you like - the whole purpose is to offer a point of view different from yours.  If you were there in person then more power to you.  If you weren't there, but heard the tapes or CDs, again that's cool.. If you were't there and haven't heard the tapes or CDs, I suggest a quick drop by www.MusicFrEaKCentral.com to order it like so many people already have.  Of course Cassette Face, Don Lou, Bentley, and just about everybody else has it, so do yourself a favor and obtain all the parts you can.. Believe me it will be worth it.  In any event, I hope this Analysis contributed to your understanding and appreciation of the event.  I thank you for reading my humble opinion.  

One Love

Prince TuFFiE

Clash Analyst!


BiG Ups to all the peeps  that I saw, ran into, and hanged out with on the line and inside the clash!!  Cassette Face my right hand, Lisa West outta reggaemania (missed ya but heard you were there), promoters Irish & Chin (great job as usual), my other right hand man Accurate (who was selling the food outside), DJ Roy, Jamal (what can I say.. did we call it or what???), Uli (how did you find me??), Admiral (Yaried Crew - Big Up Buffalo), Cleva (who caught me at the end on stage), Amazura Security Staff (for the great hospitality), Don Lou, all the sounds that competed (big up Bass Odyssey and all St. Anns Crew, Pow Pow, Crown, Matterhorn, Rock, Papa Jaro and the Killamanjaro Crew)... and the list goes on and on..!!

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On that note, I hope you enjoyed reading this Analysis.  The world is very interested in hearing what you - the reader - thinks about the clash (even if you didn't attend it).  Please take the time out to Post your opinion on the New Jamworld Message Board by clicking the Red Button to the Right!  Specific Questions and Comments are welcomed at JamworldReggae@aol.com

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